Hurst Exponent Indicator Best Trading System to Trading Market

Published: 23rd September 2011
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When it comes to trading it is very important to have an idea with regards to the formulas which can be used to calculate the rise and fall of the trading system. To ensure that the business remain competitive, with the massive competition that is happening. Since there are so many businesses that arise in the business world, there are also different formulas that are used and one of these is the Hurst Exponent Indicator.

Understanding Hurst Exponent Indicator

Hurst exponent is utilized as the measurement of long time memory of period of series. A great example of this is the autocorrelation of the time sequence. This is where the value of 0 is less than H and H is less than 0.5, which indicates a time sequence containing negative correlation. A decreasing value will be followed by an added decreasing value. In addition, 0.5 is less than H and H is less than 1 that signifies a time sequence that contains positive autocorrelation. For instance, a decrease in the value is possibly followed by an extra increase. The value of H that is equal to 0.5 shows an actual random walk, which is evenly likely that a drop off or an increase will certainly follow from some selective value. Such as, the given time series acquires no memory of the past values.
The Hurst Exponent Indicator is closer to 0.5, it shows random walk which means that there is no connection on any elements and to the future elements. On the other hand, there is about 50 percent of chance that the future revenue will either rise or goes down. Most of the traders nowadays are using this method because it is a logical pairing where in most of the time outlines in harmonics are directional. Thus, the facts are easily verified by reading them through Hurst scale.
In this method, there are three principles that should always be kept in mind and they are as follows:
The value 0.5 to 1 is equals to whatever is occurring presently and will still continue to happen
The value 0 to 0.05 is equals to whatever is occurring presently and will eventually turn around
The value 0.5 is equals to results that can go to any kinds of direction.
These are the principles that one must always remember when using Hurst Exponent Indicator in trading. It is observed that the trading market that mostly used this method is Forex Trading. The best explanation to this is that, it is the most traded market. So, any trading system methods are can be successfully used to it.

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